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The Vampire Diaries Cast

Vampire Diaries Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley u.v.m. - Erkunde Lara Muellers Pinnwand „the vampire diaries cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Vampire diaries, Vampire diares, Vampire. one of the best cast on We Heart It. ImageFind images and videos about the vampire diaries, tvd and Nina Dobrev on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler

Die Highschool-Schülerin Elena Gilbert hat ihre Eltern bei einem Autounfall verloren. Ihre Tante Jenna Sommers, die jüngere Schwester der Mutter, ist nach Mystic Falls gekommen, um sich um sie und ihren jüngeren Bruder Jeremy zu kümmern. Als der. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Vampire Diaries & Cast“ von Melanie Urbanek. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Paul Wesley · Ian Somerhalder · Zach Roerig · Nina Dobrev · Steven R. McQueen · Michael Trevino​. Vampire Diaries (Originaltitel: The Vampire Diaries) ist eine US-amerikanische Serie des Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show; Favorite TV Drama Actor (​Ian Somerhalder); Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show; Favorite Network TV. Jul 29, - Explore noubfr wtugbk's board "Vampire diaries cast" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vampire diaries cast, Vampire diaries, Vampire. Vampire Diaries Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley u.v.m. - The Vampire Diaries Cast. Love watching vampire diaries. Please check out my website thanks.

The Vampire Diaries Cast

- Entdecke die Pinnwand „Vampire Diaries & Cast“ von Melanie Urbanek. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu. - Erkunde Lara Muellers Pinnwand „the vampire diaries cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Vampire diaries, Vampire diares, Vampire. one of the best cast on We Heart It. ImageFind images and videos about the vampire diaries, tvd and Nina Dobrev on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you.

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The Vampire Diaries at PaleyFest LA 2012: Full Conversation - Erkunde Lara Muellers Pinnwand „the vampire diaries cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Vampire diaries, Vampire diares, Vampire. one of the best cast on We Heart It. ImageFind images and videos about the vampire diaries, tvd and Nina Dobrev on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you. Cast Vampire Diaries S Vampire Diaries · Staffeln & Episoden · Besetzung.

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Stefan reveals that this woman caused the brothers to feud years ago, and turned them into vampires. He says that she was adopted and is actually a descendant of Katherine, and that he saved her the night of her parents' deaths.

At the end of season one, Elena meets her birth mother, Isobel, who is now a vampire, and discovers that her uncle John, who she grew up hating, is her biological father.

In season two, she learns that she is a Petrova doppelgänger, exactly resembling Katherine Pierce, which means that she can be sacrificed to release Klaus' werewolf side.

However, her Aunt Jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by Klaus, leaving Elena without a guardian.

In the season two finale, while Damon is dying from a werewolf bite, she forgives him for forcing her to drink his blood and kisses him. Damon is cured by drinking Klaus' blood.

However, in order to convince Klaus to give his blood to Damon, Stefan had to turn into his "Ripper" self and accompany Klaus.

In season three, Elena does everything in her power to make Stefan regain his humanity, which he switched off to satisfy, and tolerate, Klaus.

She grows closer to Damon while working together to save Stefan and try to defeat Klaus, eventually sharing a kiss. She later admits to Stefan that she has feelings for Damon as well, but that she never stopped loving Stefan.

It is eventually revealed that Elena met Damon the night of her parents' death, though he compelled her to forget.

She eventually chooses Stefan in the season finale but before she can tell him, Elena drowns while having vampire blood in her system; she then awakens as a vampire in transition.

In season four, Elena must decide whether to die or to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vampire.

After realizing Stefan's desperation to keep her alive, Elena completes her transition. She claims that choosing Stefan was the best choice she'd ever made.

However, their relationship ends due to her heightened feelings for Damon. Damon later realizes there is a sire bond between them, complicating the truth behind their relationship.

Damon makes Elena turn off her humanity to avoid her grief when Jeremy is killed searching for a cure for vampirism. Elena becomes ruthless without her emotions.

When she turns on her emotions again, her sire bond to Damon has been broken, though she remains in love with him. During a confrontation with Katherine, Elena shoves the cure down Katherine's throat, forcing her to become human again.

In season five, Elena starts at Whitmore College after spending the summer with Damon. She is kidnapped and experimented on by Wes Maxfield, and learns that her father experimented on vampires.

Later, when Katherine is about to die as a result of the past years catching up with her, Katherine uses a spell to possess Elena.

Elena's friends trap Katherine when they realize this. Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger, but ghost Katherine reveals to Bonnie, shortly before trying to cross into the Other Side, that she had injected Dr.

Maxfield's enhanced ripper-werewolf virus into Elena's body, infecting her. Elena's friends are eventually able to find an antidote.

She loses trust in Damon, partly because he killed her friend Aaron, so they break up, but soon get back together. Once Markos and his Traveler army begin to take over Mystic Falls, Elena and company come up with a plan to neutralize the Travelers by killing them all at the same time, overpowering Bonnie — who is now the anchor to the Other Side — and creating a possible way out of the collapsing dimension.

Elena and Damon cause an explosion at the Mystic Grill, killing themselves and most of the Travelers. She wakes up as a ghost and passes to the Other Side; Elena and many others are able to pass back to the land of the living afterwards, but the spell that allows this is broken before Damon passes back through, and Bonnie is stuck as the anchor, leaving those alive mourning the loss of Damon and Bonnie.

In season six, Elena begins medical school, unable to set foot in her hometown. She is unable to recover from Damon's death and lurks at the edges of Mystic Falls — preying on people, drinking their blood, and compelling them to forget.

As spirit magic no longer works in Mystic Falls, her victims who cross into the town remember the ordeal, putting her identity as a vampire at risk.

Elena begs Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon, and he eventually succeeds. She is told of her former feelings for Damon soon afterwards, but doesn't want to go back to being unhappy again, and starts getting close with her classmate, Liam.

After Damon comes back to life, Elena eventually decides to have the compulsion undone, but Alaric crosses into Mystic Falls and becomes human again.

Elena is then left to face Damon and see if her feelings will return. Bonnie returns from the prison world with the cure to immortality which Elena takes, hoping to have family with Damon.

However, in the season finale, Kai links Bonnie's life to Elena's, putting her in a magical sleep until Bonnie's dies.

In season eight, Elena appears in the final episode, appearing to Bonnie when her heart stops. However, Bonnie is brought back to life.

Katherine is trapped in the boiler room to die with the Hellfire. Stefan sacrifices his life to save Elena. They are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye.

Bonnie eventually breaks Kai's spell on Elena and reunites her with Damon and her friends. Elena goes to medical school and marries Damon , and they happily have three children.

Elena continues to write in her diary, thanking Stefan for saving her life in the pilot. She and Damon live long and happy human lives together before they die.

In the afterlife, Elena finds peace by reuniting with Jenna, John and her parents. Katherine Pierce, born Katerina Petrova, was part of a Traveler family.

She is Bulgarian, and was banished to England after bearing an illegitimate child out of wedlock. Upon meeting Klaus and Elijah, two of the original vampires, she is courted by Klaus but as he spends a lot of time away, she and Elijah get to know each other and fall in love.

In these two years with the Mikaelsons, she learns that she is a Petrova doppelgänger — which means that she can be sacrificed to release Klaus' werewolf side.

She tricked other vampires into turning her, thereby making her useless to Klaus. He wanted revenge so he went to her family home and killed everyone she loved and left their corpses for her to find strewn about the property.

Katherine then spent years running and hiding to escape his wrath. She arrives in Mystic Falls, where both Stefan and Damon Salvatore fall in love with her and also she with them.

She escapes the burning of vampires in the town, and gives the brothers her blood so that they if they were killed they would nor have to die, both brothers turned into vampires after being shot by their father after trying to rescue Katherine from being burned even though she had her own plan and this almost ruined it.

Damon spends years trying to free Katherine from a tomb, though she is not there when he opens it. In the last episode of season one, Katherine returns to Mystic Falls masquerading as Elena, so she kisses Damon, gets let inside Elena's house, and chops off John Gilbert's fingers to remove his resurrecting ring and proceeds to stab him in the stomach.

Her main reason for coming back is that she has never stopped loving Stefan, a reciprocal feeling that Stefan sometimes decides to hide.

During season two, she tells Damon that she has always been in love with Stefan. When Klaus comes to Mystic Falls, he kidnaps her and tortures her in Alaric's apartment.

He eventually releases her, but she keeps track of Klaus and Stefan's whereabouts. When she learns that a vampire hunter named Mikael is the key to killing Klaus, she finds and awakens him, but goes back into hiding when she and Stefan ruin the plan to save Damon's life, as if Klaus was harmed his hybrids would kill Damon and when Katherine found out she raced to Stefan and got him to help her save Damon.

Katherine returns in season four, allowing Jeremy to be killed by Silas so she can steal the cure. It is revealed that during her time away from Mystic Falls, she had begun a relationship with Elijah Mikaelson, having real feelings for him.

She decides to give him the cure to prove that her love is real, though he eventually leaves her to be with his family in New Orleans.

During a physical confrontation with Elena, Katherine is forced by Elena to drink the cure, leaving her human for the first time in years. During season five Katherine struggles with being human again.

She learns that her long-lost daughter, Nadia, is a vampire in Mystic Falls. Silas drains Katherine of all of her blood, to get the cure, and Katherine returns to life as a human, no longer a vampire.

However, she rapidly descends into old age from the years of her existence. She decides to commit suicide by hitting the church bell, but Stefan discovers her plan and catches her at the last minute.

He reveals that he still loves her and that she is capable of overcoming every problem she faces. She uses her Traveler heritage to transfer her consciousness into Elena's body as hers dies, eventually taking control of Elena's body and masquerading as Elena to win Stefan's affection.

Stefan and Caroline learn her identity and lure her to them using her dying daughter as bait, live and never see her again or say goodbye and die.

She chooses to say goodbye to her daughter and uses vampire powers to have her die in happiness. She says goodbye to each person individually, and then Stefan stabs her with the Traveler's Knife, releasing Katherine's soul from Elena's body and sending it not to the other side, as when Bonnie tried to send her over it failed and Katherine was sucked into blackness.

However, Katherine had injected Elena's body with Dr. Wes Maxfield's experimental "Ripper Serum", to turn Elena into a vampire who feeds from other vampires along with werewolf venom.

An unknown force denies Katherine access to the Other Side and she was left in a dark void. It is later revealed that Katherine was sucked into Hell, where she became a feared presence over six years.

Katherine made a bet with Kai Parker, that whoever won would replace Cade as the ruler of Hell. Katherine's manipulation resulted in Kai's imprisonment in a new Prison World Bonnie made for him with the help of Lizzie and Josie, and her ascension as the queen of Hell.

She then escaped Hell and proceeded to taunt and put Stefan and Caroline on edge with her plans on their wedding day.

She manipulates Kelly and Vicki Donovan into doing her bidding, resulting in Kelly nearly killing Caroline's twins and Vicki ringing the bell.

While everyone is distracted, Katherine steals Elena's body and traps it in the boiler room to ensure Elena dies in the Hellfire. Katherine then impersonates Elena to torture the brothers.

They attempt to kill her, but she continues returning from Hell. Stefan then stays with Katherine to ensure that they both finally die in the Hellfire, destroying Hell.

Stefan's last words to Katherine were: I'm here, I won't leave you alone with you. Revealing that despite everything he loves her more than anyone.

As Stefan went to Heaven alone, it was unknown for a time what happened to her soul. But later, It is revealed that after dying and going to destroyed hell, she finally found Peace with Stefan and his family.

Stefan is the younger brother of Damon, and the two were best friends in life. However, this changed when the brothers fell in love with Katherine Pierce.

Once Stefan discovered Katherine was a vampire, Stefan was both scared and repulsed by Katherine and vampirism in general. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her, to keep her secret, and to drink her vampire blood against his will.

In , Stefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father, with Katherine's blood in his system, and accidentally killed his father. Damon, who turned into a vampire as well, promised Stefan an eternity of misery as he was angry that Stefan had forced him to turn and jealous that Katherine had also turned Stefan.

A newborn vampire with uncontrollable bloodlust, Stefan became severely out of control later known as the Ripper and addicted to the blood, killing many people.

However, Stefan was taught by a vampire named Alexia "Lexi" Branson, who later became Stefan's best friend or companion.

After decades of absence from Mystic Falls, Stefan returned to visit his home and Zach. Stefan heard the Gilbert's car accident at Wickery Bridge and saved Elena, who he noticed looked exactly like Katherine.

Stefan and Elena begin a relationship and he reveals to her that he is a vampire. However, Damon returns to Mystic Falls and also falls in love with Elena.

As the series progresses, Damon and Stefan rebuild their brotherly bonds. Stefan only drank animal blood in the beginning of the series, which left him weaker than other vampires.

In season two, Stefan starts to take small amounts of Elena's blood each day to mitigate its effect on him and to increase his strength. When Katherine returns, it is discovered that she has always been in love with Stefan and not Damon; however, Stefan is in love with Elena and not interested in Katherine.

Stefan starts to build a friendship with Caroline Forbes after she is turned into a vampire. Klaus later finds out Elena is alive and compels Stefan to kill her, making Stefan turn off his humanity when he resists.

Stefan is later able to get his humanity back — seen when he saves Klaus' life to protect Damon — but pretends not to care about Elena.

He later takes it upon himself to kill Klaus. He steals Klaus' family and tries using them as blackmail.

When that fails Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire if Klaus does not get his hybrids out of town; Klaus agrees at the last minute. Stefan and Elena get into a fight, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon.

Later, Elena and Matt are trapped underwater; Elena makes Stefan save Matt first and she drowns with vampire blood in her system. During season four, Stefan's relationship with Elena is tested.

He becomes fixated on finding the cure to vampirism for her, which results in Damon telling him that he can only love Elena as a human.

Eventually, Stefan and Elena break up as a result of her feelings for Damon, which were amplified after being turned into a vampire. Stefan then forms a casual relationship with Rebekah with whom he had a brief affair in the s.

After Elena eventually turns her humanity off as a result of her sire bond to Damon and Jeremy's death, Stefan and Damon attempt to find a way to force her to turn it back on.

Eventually they do, but Elena remains in love with Damon and decides to be with him. Stefan is revealed to be the doppelgänger of Silas, who locks Stefan in a large metal safe and pushes it into the bottom of a lake.

Stefan is rescued by the witch Qetsiyah, who brainwashes him and he falls in love with Elena again. He later regains his memories and kills Silas.

The two begin a sort of relationship before Katherine's body fails her. It is later revealed that Katherine took over Elena's body and attempts to seduce Stefan; he kills her after saying goodbye one last time.

Julian in Tyler's body ripped out Stefan's heart, killing him and sending him to the disintegrating Other Side.

He reunites with Lexie, who saves him from getting sucked into Hell. Stefan manages to return to the land of the living, though Damon and Bonnie apparently die in the process.

By season six, Stefan has left Mystic Falls to attempt to live a normal life with a new girlfriend.

However, a visit from Caroline and Enzo results in Enzo killing his girlfriend. Stefan returns to Mystic Falls to kill Enzo, but stays after reuniting with Damon.

He later helps Caroline get through her mother's cancer and develops romantic feelings for her. In season seven, Stefan is reunited with his mother and decides to forgive her.

It is revealed that Stefan had slept with Valerie, one of the Heretics, while he was human, resulting in her pregnancy. Valerie lost the baby after Julian beat her.

Stefan kills Julian and later develops a relationship with Valerie that ends soon after the encounter with Rayna. By season eight, Stefan had entered into a relationship and later engagement with Caroline while he searched for Damon.

Stefan later gave himself up in servitude to Cade alongside Damon in order to save Caroline's twins. Stefan's humanity is shut off and he goes on a murderous rampage to deliver souls to Cade.

He is later sent for Elena and kills Enzo, but Bonnie injects him with the cure, rendering him human. Stefan's guilt greatly impacts his relationship with Caroline and friendship with Bonnie.

He later kills Cade to save Damon and Bonnie. He reunites with Caroline and works towards earning Bonnie's forgiveness.

Stefan and Caroline use their 'wedding' to lure Katherine out, and are married when she fails to appear. After their marriage, Stefan and Damon search for Elena's body, taken by Katherine.

Stefan and Bonnie then realize they can redirect the Hellfire at Katherine to destroy Hell, but someone must sacrifice themselves to ensure she's hit while in Hell.

Stefan and Damon argue over who should do it, as Stefan wants to find redemption for his killings and to give Damon a chance at happiness.

Damon compels the human Stefan to leave, but Stefan had been taking vervain. Stefan injected Damon with his blood, giving him the cure, then shoves a human Damon aside and sacrifices his life to kill Katherine and save Mystic Falls.

Stefan reunites with Elena, getting to say goodbye, then goes to the afterlife. Years later, Stefan is reunited with Damon.

Silas, the first immortal being, was introduced in season four as the most powerful immortal in The Vampire Diaries. He is over years old and unlike the Originals is truly immortal.

He poses a myriad of abilities ranging from magic he was formerly a Traveler and mind control. Unfortunately for Silas, he was trapped in a cave for the better part of years by his scorned lover Qetsiyah.

At the beginning of the 4th season a powerful member of the Brotherhood of the Five named Connor arrives in Mystic Falls where he precedes to kill several of Klaus's hybrid vampires.

Damon and Klaus capture Connor who proceeds to confirm that he is a member of the Five. Klaus then explains that the Brotherhood of the Five are a group of vampire hunters who kill vampires in order to search for a cure to vampirism.

Upon the death of Connor, Jeremy Gilbert becomes the next member of the five and upon killing Kol Mikaelson completes his hunters mark to find his way to the cure for vampirism.

Silas uses his psychic abilities from a cave in modern-day Nova Scotia to dupe Professor Atticus Shane into committing the three massacres needed to destroy the Other Side.

On the island, Shane steels Jeremy and Bonnie and forces them to commit the ritual to raise Silas. Upon Silas' return, he kills Jeremy and Shane.

Silas uses Bonnie to help him bring down the Other Side. He uses his psychic powers to change his appearance, making no one certain what he actually looks like.

This, however, goes awry when Bonnie betrays Silas and uses her witch powers to desiccate him. As the Other Side is about to close up, Bonnie sacrifices her life to save Jeremy.

After resealing the Other Side, Stefan attempts to dump Silas in a quarry; however, upon Bonnie's death, Silas returns and reveals himself as the originator of the Salvatore doppelgänger line, which means he looks exactly like Stefan.

He then precedes to drown Stefan in a safe in the quarry. In season five, Damon and Elena help save Stefan from the quarry after they realize that Silas had been tricking them for months.

Silas hunts for the newly human Katherine sending Damon and Nadia to try and find her however this does not prove fruitful. Qetsiyah reveals that she escaped the Other Side to punish Silas and links a weakened Stefan to Silas so as to limit Silas's physic ability.

Damon and Silas team up to destroy the Other Side once Silas reveals that he would be willing to bring Bonnie back from the dead.

Silas takes the cure from Katherine and transitions back into a warlock. Qetsiyah reveals that Amara the love of Silas's life is still alive and is eventually woken up.

Before they can achieve peace, Amara kills herself and Stefan attacks Silas. Stefan impales Silas with a switchblade killing him almost instantly.

In the fifth-season finale, Silas returns as the Other Side begins to collapse. Bonnie and Enzo work with Silas to find a way to bring back Damon, Elena, Stefan and many others who died across the season.

Silas brags about returning to life and bringing about a "plague" saying he'll probably kill many people.

Silas is sucked into oblivion in the final moments of he episode with no explanation as to what happens to him. In the last episode of season 8 it is revealed that Silas was sucked into Hell after his death in season 5.

Upon the destruction of hell it is unclear whether or not he found peace or was simply gone. Damon Salvatore based on Damon Salvatore from the novels is a vampire, turned by Katherine Pierce one hundred and forty-five years prior to the beginning of the main storyline.

He is the son of late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. He is portrayed as a charming, handsome and snide person who loves tricking humans, and takes pleasure in feeding on them and killing them during the early episodes of the first season.

During the first season, Damon gradually becomes kinder to the other characters, showing brief moments of compassion such as erasing Jeremy's traumatic memory of vampires.

Damon apologizes for turning Vicki Donovan into a vampire and admits it was wrong. Later, he admits to Elena he came to the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself wanting to protect it.

Damon and Elena begin to kiss passionately before getting interrupted — it is later revealed that it wasn't Elena he kissed, but Katherine Pierce.

In season two, Katherine tells Damon that she loved Stefan and never loved him. Elena later says something similar, leaving Damon heartbroken.

He snaps Jeremy's neck though Jeremy is wearing a ring which reverses damage done by supernatural creatures , incurring Elena's wrath.

Bonnie declares hatred for Damon when she learns his blood turned Caroline Forbes into a vampire. After saving Elena and Stefan, Damon confesses his love for Elena but then compels her to forget his selfish words.

Damon joins Rose to find out why the Originals are after Elena; they have sex, and Damon comforts Rose when she suffers a fatal werewolf bite.

Elena and Damon then begin to mend fences, and Elena cares for Damon when he is bitten by Tyler at the end of the season.

Expecting he will die, Elena gives him a kiss, but Damon is later cured by the blood of Klaus, the original hybrid. He is at first reluctant to involve Elena in the rescue attempts, and employs her guardian, Alaric Saltzman, in order to conceal that Elena is alive.

Stefan's change in attitude causes a rift between Elena and Stefan while Damon and Elena grow closer. Elena's refusal to admit this incenses Damon, who reverts to previous uncaring and reckless behavior.

This continues until, in a heated moment, Elena admits to loving both brothers. Elena chooses Stefan and Damon seems to accept this decision and his death by Alaric, but rushes to the hospital when he realizes Elena has died.

Damon starts season four at Elena's bedside after learning that she died with vampire blood in her system, and is transitioning. Damon tries to kill Rebekah with a White Oak Stake, but she overpowers him and escapes.

Later, Damon uses Matt as bait to draw out the deputies and Pastor Young. After dispatching the deputies, Damon is about to kill Matt when stopped by a vampiric Elena.

Damon makes Elena drink his blood when she seeks his help from a new vampire hunter, which leads to a fight with Stefan over what kind of vampire Elena will become.

Damon tasks Stefan with learning more about Connor, a vampire hunter, while Damon accompanies Elena to college to teach her how to hunt and erase memories from her victims.

Damon declares that he loves Elena whether she's human or vampire, and they eventually begin a relationship, though it is complicated by a sire bond between them his blood was used to turn her.

Damon uses the sire bond to make Elena turn off her humanity to avoid the guilt of Jeremy's death. Later, Damon and Stefan force her to turn it back on, at which point the sire bond has broken.

However, Elena remains in love with Damon and they continue their relationship. In season six, Damon and Bonnie are trapped in a Prison World, which Damon initially believes is his own personal hell, as they continually relive a painful day from his past.

While working with Bonnie to find a way back to Mystic Falls, and to take down Kai, Damon becomes friends with Bonnie.

Eventually, Bonnie sends Damon back, leaving herself trapped with Kai. Damon tried to win Elena back, though she lost all her memories of their relationship.

Damon is devastated when Liz dies. He reunites with Bonnie when she escapes the prison world with the cure for vampirism. Damon gave the cure to Elena — which undoes Alaric's compulsion — intending to take the cure himself so they can be together as humans.

However, Kai casts a spell which puts Elena into a magical sleep until the time of Bonnie's death. In season seven, Damon travels with Bonnie and Alaric and learns to live without Elena.

He refuses to forgive his mother for past mistakes on her deathbed. The guilt takes a toll on Damon, and after Julian is killed, he decides to let himself desiccate in a coffin next to Elena, waiting out the years until Bonnie dies.

He's later awakened by Stefan in order to help him fight Rayna. By season eight, Damon and Enzo have gone missing. It is revealed that the two were taken by the siren Sybil, who forces them to go on various killing sprees.

Despite Sybil's numerous attempts, Damon's love for Elena wins out. He later is forced into servitude for Cade; compelled to kill either Elena or Stefan, Damon instead kills himself with a piece of wood from Elena's coffin.

His life is saved by Bonnie, and Stefan manages to kill Cade. In the series finale, Damon desperately searches for Elena's body, stolen by Katherine.

Damon attempts to sacrifice his life to save Mystic Falls and Elena and kill Katherine with the Hellfire. However, Stefan injects Damon with the cure and takes his place.

Damon and Elena marry and live a long and happy human life. Damon is then reunited with his brother in the afterlife.

Jeremy Gilbert loosely based on Margaret Gilbert from the novels is Elena Gilbert's younger brother, later revealed to be her biological cousin.

In the beginning of the series, Jeremy was emotionally damaged by the death of his parents and begins to use drugs.

He was in love with Vicki Donovan, another drug user, causing a rivalry with her boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood. Vicki later breaks up with Tyler and starts a relationship with Jeremy.

However, Jeremy witnesses Stefan kill Vicki after Damon turned her into a vampire. At Elena's request, Damon makes Jeremy forget this, and Jeremy becomes more stable and stops using drugs.

Jeremy tries to become a vampire by overdosing while having Anna's blood in his system, but he fails. He was later given John's ring, which protects him from a death caused by anything supernatural.

In season two, Jeremy falls in love with Bonnie Bennett and they start a relationship. Jeremy later loses both his aunt and uncle on the day of the sacrifice, leaving Elena and himself without a guardian.

In the season two finale, Jeremy was accidentally shot to death by Sheriff Forbes, but Bonnie was able to bring him back. However, bringing Jeremy back from the dead allowed him to see and communicate with the ghosts of his former girlfriends, Anna and Vicki, whenever he thinks about them.

When the doorway to the Other Side was opened, Jeremy was able to physically interact with Anna. Bonnie finds out, resulting in their break-up.

After Jeremy kills a hybrid and was almost killed by Klaus, Elena asks Damon to compel Jeremy into leaving Mystic Falls in order to live a normal life.

However, after Klaus and the other Originals find out where Jeremy was, Elena takes Jeremy back home. In season four, a vampire hunter, Connor, arrives in town, and only Jeremy can see his mysterious tattoos, later revealed to be a map to the cure for vampirism.

When Connor is killed, Jeremy becomes part of The Five, a group of vampire hunters, and his 'hunter's mark' grows when he kills vampires.

His urge to kill grows as well, and he attempts to murder Elena. Eventually, he finds a way to control this, and Damon trains him.

After killing Kol, resulting in the death of his entire bloodline, Jeremy's mark completes, revealing a map to the cure.

However, once he and Bonnie reach Silas, Katherine reveals herself and allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to awaken.

She steals the cure, and Jeremy is killed when Silas snaps his neck. Elena then burns the Gilbert house, creating a cover story for his death.

Bonnie performs a spell that allows Jeremy to stay alive. The spell, however, killed Bonnie in the process, though Jeremy can see her ghost.

In season five, Jeremy attempts to keep Bonnie's death a secret for her in order to preserve her friends' happiness.

However, Jeremy eventually reveals the truth to his friends. Bonnie and Jeremy are reunited after she becomes the new anchor to the Other Side, though she sacrifices her life once more in the finale to save Elena, Stefan, Enzo, Tyler and Alaric.

It was revealed that Jeremy's supernatural hunter status was inactive as a result of the anti-magic barrier around the town.

In season six, Jeremy has become a drunk after Bonnie's death, paying her cell phone bill just to hear her voicemail recording. Later, Jeremy came to the conclusion that it was time for him to move on with his life and leave for Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While nearly all of his friends and family are under the impression that Jeremy is going to art school there, in reality, Jeremy has moved there to hunt vampires, with only Alaric, who planned to feed him leads, knowing Jeremy's true plans.

Jeremy returns in the series finale, shown teaching gifted youngsters how to defend themselves against the supernatural at the Salvatore School.

She was the sister of their mother, Miranda Sommers-Gilbert. After her sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car crash, she took over as Elena's and Jeremy's legal guardian and moved into the Gilbert family home.

In the beginning, Jenna had trouble coping as an authority figure, having been a partying college student, but as the series progresses she becomes better at it.

She begins dating news reporter Logan Fell, who had cheated on her in the past. However, Logan was turned into a vampire by Anna and then killed by history teacher Alaric Saltzman; Jenna was told that he had left town.

She later begins a relationship with Alaric. In season two, John Gilbert begins to cause trouble between Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna suspects that Alaric is not completely honest with her.

When Isobel Flemming, Alaric's supposed dead wife, shows up at Jenna's door, Jenna becomes angry with Elena and Alaric — who then tell her everything about vampires.

Jenna was later turned into a vampire by Klaus, to be used in the sacrifice to release his werewolf side. She attempts to kill Greta Martin, Klaus' witch, to stop the sacrifice and saves Elena, at which point Klaus stakes her to death.

In season three, Jenna is seen in the season finale, in flashbacks of the night Elena's parents' car went off Wickery Bridge.

She is later seen as one of Katherine's hallucinations in season five. Jenna then appears in the series finale, where she and her family reunite with Elena as she passes.

From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches.

Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful.

In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's younger brother. She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches.

Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon's to trick Klaus. But when she brings Klaus to the brink of death, Elijah does not kill him, as planned, and carries Klaus away before Bonnie could react.

In the season two finale, Bonnie is able to save Jeremy from dying after she tells her dead ancestor Emily Bennett that she loves him. However, bringing Jeremy back from the dead allows him to see his dead ex-girlfriends.

Bonnie later finds out that Jeremy kissed Anna when the doorway to the Other Side was temporarily opened, and she breaks up with him.

Later on, Bonnie reconnects with her mother, Abby, who had abandoned her as a child, and who helps her to kill the original vampires. However, Abby is turned into a vampire by Damon and abandons Bonnie again.

In the season three finale, Bonnie places Klaus' soul into Tyler's body, thus preventing him from being completely destroyed by Alaric and saving Tyler, Caroline, Damon, and Stefan from dying as part of Klaus' bloodline.

In the beginning of season four, Bonnie learns that there is a forbidden magic, but she is forced to use it to transfer Klaus back to his original body, as a result, angry spirits attack her grandmother's ghost.

Professor Atticus Shane mentors Bonnie in regaining her powers. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Auch Lily sucht nach diesem Stein, um ihren Geliebten, Julian, wiederzuerwecken. Slater 3 Fans. Bonnie Bennett Schmutziger Donnerstag Fans. Enzo unterstützt Elena und Bonnie kommt wieder zurück. Susan Walters. Rayna Cruz übergibt ihr Leben an Bonnie. Matt hat die Ausbildung in der Amazon Instant Video Download abgeschlossen. Februar bis 9 Oktober auf sixx zu sehen. Bryton James. Als Sybil dies erfuhr wollte sie sich umbringen und Seline Kenneth Washington einen Deal mit Cade ein: Sie versprachen ihm für ihn zu dienen, und ihm böse Seelen zu übergeben die dann bei ihm in der 30 über Nacht leiden sollen, wenn er im Gegenzug ihnen ewiges Leben Karen Gillian. Once Upon a Time - Es war einmal Amber Bradley 16 Fans. Kim 7 Fans. Damon und Bonnie bleiben zurück, während die andere Seite zusammenbricht. Wenig später wacht Damon in einer Zelle auf, in deren Nebenzelle Elena eingesperrt ist. Kol 14 Fans. Nachdem Elena freiwillig die Verwandlung abgeschlossen hat, können sie sich befreien. Regisseur Carol Banker. Dr Killing Kamen Wesley. Im Krankenhaus kommt es zum Kampf zwischen Damon und Rayna.

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The Vampire Diaries Cast Reminices Over Their Favorite Scenes \u0026 WTF Moments From All 8 Seasons The Vampire Diaries Cast

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Kat Graham. Brandon Novak passieren in Mystic Falls mysteriöse Morde. Kurze Zeit später gelingt es auch Kai zu entkommen, jedoch bleibt auch dieses Mal Bonnie wieder zurück. Paul Telfer. The Flash. Diese wurde vor vier Jahren versiegelt und nur eine Bennett-Hexe kann sie wieder öffnen. Sie trifft Elena wieder und diese bittet sie, zurückzugehen und ihr Leben zu leben.

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Vampire Diaries' Cast Interview with Michael Ausiello (Part 1) - Entertainment Weekly She sees visions of Enzo but Die Unglaublichen 2 Stream their connection in order to channel her powers into saving Caroline's daughters. Vicki then finds peace in the afterlife with Tyler, where they continue to watch over Matt. May 16, The car crashes into a barrier, and Caroline is rushed to the hospital because she has serious internal injuries. As spirit magic no longer Die Unglaublichen 2 Stream in Mystic Falls, her victims Bundesliga Streamen Kostenlos cross into the town remember the ordeal, putting her identity as a vampire at risk. The Vampire Diaries Cast

This amazing series has entertained its audiences with 8 amazing seasons which wrapped till and now is it coming up with another exciting season?

The television and the Netflix audiences were asking regarding the next season of The Vampire Diaries as the season was cancelled and unfortunately the result is not good this time.

The founder Julie Plec and she said that the series boss was happy for the ninth season. She also said that all discussed and concluded that they will not have a ninth season as of now.

It is expected that the season 9 will be released on March, , we will update you further once the date will get confirmed.

Season 8 released on October 21, So, season 9 will be coming after a long break. We clearly do not have any information regarding the next season of the Vampire Diaries.

We do not have any information regarding its spin-off. No one can guess what will happen in the next season 9 of The Vampire Diaries.

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The Vampire Diaries Cast Vicki Donovan Kayla Ewell Episoden : 10 - 15 - Gerade als Elena und Damon sich aussprechen, taucht Enzo auf, um ihnen Hereditary Kritik Heilmittel zu übergeben. Rudy Hopkins 5 Fans. Phoebe Tonkin. Untote wie wir - Man ist so tot, wie man sich fühlt. Matt findet seinen Vater Peter Maxwell wieder und erfährt, dass seine Familie väterlicherseits die ursprünglichen Gründer von Mystic Falls sind. Aida Rodgers. Violet Fell Sammi Hanratty Episoden : 8 - 9 - Bereits seit über einem Jahrhundert jagt sie Vampire.

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Damon möchte sein Versprechen einhalten und die Stadt verlassen, weil Elena sich für Stefan entschieden hat, aber Stefan bittet ihn zu bleiben und Elena in ihrem neuen Leben zu unterstützen. Stefans Gehirn wird genutzt, um den letzten lebenden Doppelgänger ausfindig zu machen.


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